Guademy is here

21 Mar 2007

It seems Guademy is finally here. I am going to have the pleasure to meet some KDE folks as Aaron, Albert Astals, Antonio Larrosa as far as I know, and a lot of people that aims to get a better desktop in general, doesn’t matter if on KDE or Gnome project.

This is the first time that I go to a free software event, and I’m giving a talk about the kuiserver, how it works, and what can it do right now.

There are lots of interesting talks, and I hope I will be able to go to every one !

You can bet I will blog (if my ipw2200-firmware lets me do it with wpa_supplicant) each day of the event. If it is not possible I will sum up my impressions and what I lived when coming back home. I think this will be really productive and fun.

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