Arrived home from Guademy

25 Mar 2007

I had no time for writing on the second day.

First we had Antonio talking to us how to easy and fast develop KDE based applications, mostly using KDevelop. We had a nice talk from Carlos Garnacho (Gnome project) about system-tools-backends that aims to have a unique way of accessing system configuration settings through DBUS, forgetting in which distribution we are. The checking of the distribution and so on will happen on system-tool-backends perl script. After having lunch we listened to Albert Astals, who talked about how to use valgrind to find and kill memory mis-usages. Just before we went having dinner, Aaron talked about the state of the KDE address, really nice talk introducing all new technologies that are going to be added in our shiny new KDE 4 series.

Today Albert gave another talk, this time about Okular, and we had (schedule from the website is wrong) a nice talk from Rodrigo Moya (Novell) about how we could do our best, and some efforts for having a unified desktop, for KDE and Gnome mainly. Just to give an example: having same implementations of DBUS interfaces.

So back home again. This has been a really, really positive experience and I really like how KDE and Gnome people fit together. Everything was really nice.

Some words about the organization: I found it excellent and they took care of all of us really nice, so the whole experience was incredible.

All of you guys, I was really pleased to meet you, and I hope I’m seeing you again in a short time.

PS: You can find the schedule, slides and other material for download here.

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