Want it ? Ask for it

14 May 2007

As we, lots of developers always say: you can contribute. It doesn’t matter at all if you haven’t got programming skills or whatever. Do you have ideas ? Do you have drawing skills ? Do you know how to translate ? Would you like to contribute writing documentation ? Would you like to test  latest apps and report bugs ? Do you have usability skills ?

I personally appreciate the ideas you give me for my works. Today I already wrote about KPluginSelector, and you gave me really nice ideas. Well, I have to say… Drawing the link on a different color depending if the information was already seen by the user I think is not intuitive enough.

Additionally I moved the information to the button of the dialog as Robert Knight suggested. This way we won’t affect so hard the way the information is shown.

As always… I would like you to tell me what I can improve, mostly on the usability part of the GUI.

Almost forgot… here is the link for the video.

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