KControl hacking

24 May 2007

We all know KControl needs love. I have been hacking on it today for a few hours. What I have right now is what you can see at the screenshot:

I plan to add on-hover-items information, so when you hover an item, some information is shown about that item, somewhere.

The idea is that here you have main categories, and then when you click on one of them, another “wheel” is shown (in this same dialog), with suboptions, for example in “Appearance & Themes” you would have “Styles”, “Colors” and so on on another wheel. When clicking on that subitem, the actual configuration widget is shown on the same dialog.

I would like to know what do you think in general of this approach. If you find it easier than the current KControl, and why do you like or you don’t ­čśë

Please if you usually are on IRC, just ping me (ereslibre) if you have suggestions or something. You can also contact me through e-mail (about page shows my email address).

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