KListView selections and Kate config dialog

07 Jun 2007

Ok, I’m back on KListView. I need to concentrate on this from now. I have been coding today for a little time, and I had acceptable results. Well, it works, but I don’t like how expensive this is. Selecting and in general resolving the problem of “which items are inside this rect ?” have some work that I need to start right now, to make things just go really fast. The thing is I have this working. You can check out a video for download here.

I also did a bit of work on Kate’s config dialog, since it had 10 different categories on the config dialog. I refactored them a bit to make it simpler (now it has 6). Here you can find a video showing the “new” config dialog. Ah, by the way, this is an old video, now if you install Kate from SVN you will find there is a separation between each config widget and the tab border.

Hope to be here again with some news… And kids… remember… aKademy is coming !! I have tons of things on my mind to work on when being there… I will have to start to write a copy constructor for myself, just in case 😛

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