Kopete chat window mockups call !!

09 Oct 2007

We are looking for your help !! We are looking for something:

  • Clean
  • Usable

We think that it would be great to base chat window in something dependant of the protocol being shown. The idea is that different protocols have different needs. So, for example, if you are connecting with Jabber and you are talking to a person, no contact list is shown. If you are on MSN Multicontact chat and you are 4 people, no list is shown (well it could be shown if you ask for it), but if you connect to IRC, a list is always shown, doesn’t matter if you are 300 or 2 people.

Of course we also would love to see Tabs that separate different conversations. Please take in count that maybe on a Tab you are on an MSN conversation with 4 people (the idea is that no contact list is shown by default) and you can jump to an IRC chat with 400 people (so the contact list is shown).

These are all ideas, we would like to have some mockup (so we have a graphical guide to follow).

BTW, did I say we are going to give a try to GIT with this experiment ?

No animals were hurt during this experiments 😛

PS: If you have no where to upload your mockup (kde-look.org ?), you can always send it to my email address (see “About me” section).

Thank you !!

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