Aiming to Zaragoza: aKademy-es 2007

17 Oct 2007

I still need to buy my tickets to Zaragoza for attending aKademy-es. I will love to see again those who cares about free software as me, and loves it as me 🙂

As you might know, the aKademy-es event will be held on Zaragoza, days 16, 17 and 18, november. The exact place will be “Hispalinux Aragón”.

We are getting a nice number of attendees and nice talks too. I think this event will be very interesting, in both human and technical sides.

As Albert already said: WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU !! If you are not a speaker and want to join us for brainstorming, comments, ideas, just come with us and we can be alltogether ! No registration is needed if you are not presenting a talk 🙂

You have further details on this web site.

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