Goya: taking off

01 Nov 2007

Yesterday I had to blog in a very general way about Goya. Well, I was about teaching it how to take off. Now, it is flying. It works. Goya’s code is easy (the library) and makes applications easier. I love the shape it is taking and I love to see it working.

I have uploaded a video of Goya working and doing much more things than you could saw on the other video.

You can also download the code of the example you are looking at the video, to see *how* easy it is to add widgets to your delegates and connecting your slots to their signals.

Please take in count, that for example, the event eater will not be as setEatEvents(true), and that I will probably study the cases in which you want to eat only certain events, not all of them. But for now, and for a start, it is a good start.

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