Akademy-es 2007 finished successfully

20 Nov 2007

I am writing quite late after the event finished, but I am really busy and haven’t got many time to update my blog. Seriously, I am going to ask Santa for days having 48 hours, and I am sure that wouldn’t be enough.

The event went really really smooth and nicely. There were lots of people (enough to fill the room, that Hispalinux owns, and where talks were held), and there were interesting talks too.

If you want to get some presentations and see what we did talk about, you can click here to visit the event web site.

On saturday we had a social dinner, and it was very nice, with lots of food and drink, everything really good and tasty. We went partying later, and yeah, my right arm became cut by a flying random glass and some of us end up the night at hospital. But it was fun, after all.

At sunday, Antonio showed people how KDE 4 is advancing and what we can expect from it (wow Aaron, you could have introduced the new taskbar some days ago ! :P).

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