General Misconceptions

02 Dec 2007

I’m not blogging about any work I’m doing this time… I’m blogging because I am just a bit disoriented. I mean, from some time ago what I’ve been reading at our beloved planet has been something that I personally don’t like.

Really, “people sucking” is a very hard sentence, and I wouldn’t use it, or in a very special cases. They are people that are spending some of their spare time in developing open source code. That is magic. Please, do not tell someone who is trying to get a more fair world that “is sucking”. They are rocking, indeed.

A very different thing, is that all of us are humans, and all of us have errors (when coding and in life). Because of that, exist bug reports, instead of blogs. I also encourage to people who dislike a program/library, or found a bug, to fix it. I don’t care if it is a bug on the GTK library. That is free software, and it makes us be free in some way, and it exists for a more fair world. Of course that is easier getting angry with certain developers and wait for a reaction.

I also know that probably what I’m doing is wrong (writing this here), but I wanted to reach the more developers I could.

About community problems (as some communities recently had as we know), is a very sad situation. I wish the best for those communities, and I hope they will take the best decisions to those projects. Why ? because I love free software. We are never completely safe from those sort of problems, and I also wish our community to keep the health it has been keeping all the time [in general terms].

Thank you, free software community (KDE community specially) for making this a real thing.

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