To split or not to split

01 Feb 2008

While looking at the feature plans for KDE 4.1, I saw that Goya was already added by somebody, and I only had to set its state as “In progress”. Thanks to whoever added it 🙂

What I’m sure about Goya is that its place is kdeui. I need to ask anyway on kcd for a more serious discussion if it should be into the kdeui library itself, or it can be a separate library (, as it is right now on playground.

Yesterday I finished the tool button that jpwhiting asked me to add, and probably I will add some label widget (which will help when you want a special font), as well as checkboxes and radioboxes. Those last two probably will be added when being at kdereview (or later, nobody asked for them yet). Before doing the move I need to write, anyway, a techbase tutorial so it’s usage is better documented.

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