Meeting time

14 Mar 2008

Time to have a full schedule. We are having two main events in Spain between March and April. I have been dealing with both and the KDE community (and the Gnome community too, in the case of the Aditel iParty X), trying to be a link between them, for that reason I’m blogging about it.

Aditel iParty X: This event is locally oriented, planned for 27th to 30th of March. and some folks of the KDE community in Spain will meet there. Lots of things are planned for this event. From technical talks to gaming marathons. We hope to be able to talk seriously about KDE-España (something like a Spain oriented KDE e.V., but still below it on the hierarchy).

Guademy II: This event is international oriented, planned for 25th to 27th of April. There we will meet with the rest of the Free Desktop world, mainly Gnome, but probably other desktops too, not sure about that. I strongly encourage you to visit <a target=_blank href=””>their official website</a> for further information. I also would love to see lots of you guys here. This event will be full of talks + (this one is important) round tables. Don’t miss the opportunity and come.

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