KDE supports privative software (and more)

01 Apr 2008

In recent studies from a random and important university it has been found that KDE project supports privative software. As the studies say: almost a 87% of developers prefer Microsoft Windows Notepad to Kate. Same happens with Microsoft Windows Media Player to Amarok in a heavier percentage: 93%.

On the other hand, as the study points out it is really amazing that almost a 100% of KDE developers prefer C# to C++. As the asked developers answered, almost a 96% would rewrite KDE in plain C.

The 24% of developers would vote “No” if they were asked to support the OOXML spec. On the other hand, a 76% would vote “Yes”.

Anyway, what’s really impressive on the study is that we are working with SVN when the 105% of developers prefer CVS.

Happy fools day 🙂

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