KPluginSelector internally renewed

15 May 2008

After having ported KPluginSelector to use Goya for showing the widgets it needs to show on the item view, I have worked on removing all unneeded stuff. The code is amazingly more clear now and it now sorts plugins alphabetically. Less code lines, and more features: it can search through the search box on the top. Nowadays this is a must, since it seems plugins are going to appear everywhere 🙂 KWin, Kopete, Konqueror have a good number of plugins. And more to come…

Since lots of users suggested before that rows were very high, now I made them be less tall. I guess this improves visibility, since you can see more plugins with a fast sight.

So, you can find the patch here. Some screenshots:

This is very probably (almost for sure) going for 4.2 series.

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