What can KDE 4.1 do for you ?

01 Jun 2008

We, the KDE team, have done a huge effort of making KDE 4.1 series a really usable desktop, and I really think we are going in a good path. KDE is stabilizing in general terms, and kdelibs goodies are starting to be used widely by almost all applications.

Too many things are going on in this amazingly dynamic community, and really interesting ones. I have recorded a screencast which can speak by itself on what way KDE 4.1 is different to 4.0. This way we can see the huge step we have made between .0 and .1 series. I really believe the progress is now a matter of time. We’ve reached a point right now that our libraries are in a pretty good shape, and our applications are stabilizing again.

You can download the screencast from here (71 MiB). It is impossible to make a screencast that shows all the new features and all the stuff, but is only for letting you make an idea of how things are going in SVN, and how 4.1 looks like.

As always, you are always welcome to help us. We need you. And, as I love to remind you at the end of the screencast: YOU ARE KDE.

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