And finally… that is a big NO-NO

26 Jun 2008

We need users. Users don’t need us. So better do it good. I hope I misunderstood previous posts that I have read on the planet. We don’t need certain users that are completely useless for the project, but sure we need the 99,99% that are normal people, with wishes reported and contributing in a very different ways.

Because, as lots of us we have already said, and seems have been forgotten, is that this game is not only about developers. We have users that are contributing to the KDE project as the best ones… marketing (friends…), bug reports (without users, impossible ! -> bad quality software), ordering and managing bugs (like the work some KDE contributor does with bugs that amazes me, yeah FiNEX or Pino, for instance), translation, wiki work, art… Do you really really think this is only about the line “Users that will become Developers” ?

Probably that was from a cynical point of view, but I still find it hard to read.

And from my very point of view, KDE has 10^6 ears, only to hear its community, that is the most important thing in an open source project.

And have something present, really, users really don’t need us. That is in fact, one of the great magic of open source. You can change your desktop with couple mouse clicks.

So I really agree that poisonous people are not welcome here, and they are not welcome wherever they go and have that behavior. However, we need to have present that not all our users are that way, I would say a really vast majority of them want the best for the project and contribute to it in some way. Contributing to KDE is not only a matter of coding or not.

By the way, I really think what happened with Aaron was a very sad thing, and yeah, sometimes it is not that easy ignoring somebody, but I really hope we will find a solution for this situation. And yes, poisonous people (that no contributors), you are not welcome here. You can always talk from the respect and tell your point of view, but never with personal attacks or faulting to anybody.

Thanks for reading.

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