Akademy — amazing feelings

13 Aug 2008

It is impossible to don’t feel when something amazing is happening. I really see what is going on in here… and is more than amazing, is just stunning.

Take this as an example: the KDE team is growing and growing, year by year. KDE has advanced amazingly from last year on Akademy at Glasgow to nowadays. They are plain different desktops. A much more advanced, stable, comprehensive desktop.

We still have a very long path to go, but we are walking, step by step, without stopping, moving forward. I don’t want to think about what KDE will be able to do for us on next Akademy.

I want to heavily thank Nokia for their donation to the KDE contributors. I (as I am sure, the rest of the contributors) will work to make KDE be a desktop perfectly usable on small devices.

So, I am really looking forward to a computer-human-oriented paradigm. Where you will be able to click on a file on Dolphin, for instance, and you are told from where you got it, if it was downloaded from somewhere, received by a friend on Kopete, and possible actions to do with that friend (send a IM if connected, write a new mail, send a file…).

Is great to see you guys another year (this is my second Akademy). I have got very well adapted to this community and amazingly fast, and that is always because of you all guys… you are doing an amazing work, and the KDE desktop is proving it.

So… the future is ours. Nothing is stopping us from advancing… Let’s keep rocking !! 😉

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