Tip of the day – time to think

22 Aug 2008

I am doing some experiments with non blocker tip-of-the-day, and Celeste did bring up a nice suggestion. If the application could show some messages the way the tip-of-the-day redesign I’m doing. We could say that would be in the way of how Firefox 3 asks you for storing a password when filling out a form.

My idea was to only redesign tip of the day, but it seems that doing a more general way of adding another kind of information will be nice. I will think about it 🙂

By the way, this is how KTip now is looking here locally (it has a forced string, it is not reading the tip database yet, but that will be easy):

So, the most important thing here is that tip of the day is not a blocker dialog that forces you to read that dialog or do whatever you wanted to do with the application. This way you can ‘in parallel’ read tips while you can do what you were going to do with the app.

Generalizing this way of notifying user about certain things, quoting Celeste: ‘non-intrusive’ notifications might be nice… so just wait for news 🙂

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