Intense hacking session – The ultimate screencast ! ;)

03 Oct 2008

So I decided to go for all the missing features of the Open/Save dialog, and everything is in SVN now. I have also added support for having filenames below icons or previews (as we had on kde3 too). I have been told several times about this lack of functionality.

Everything works like a charm in KFileWidget/KDirOperator. It is stunning fast and take in count the screencast has been recorded with everything compiled in debug mode (what makes it slightly slower, and sometimes, very slower), but still like a charm.

So, I have played around to show all the functionality of the new features and how to mix them.

Download the screencast here.

PS: I have tried to upload the video to vimeo, but it was hanging somehow. I have seen that I have to convert ogv since they don’t seem to support it. I am pretty tired today… so I will update this post tomorrow if I manage to upload the video on vimeo 😉

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