QTreeView fixing rampage – KDirOperator

25 Oct 2008

I have submitted 3 new reports to qt-bugs… One of them affecting bug 171436. This is a general bug that affects all applications (not only Amarok). Let’s go by parts on the submitted bugs to Trolltech:

  • Calling to selection() from the selection model contains duplicate ranges. Why ? This is easy: if you have a detailed view (or the tree detailed view), there are hidden columns (like owner, group and permissions). When there are hidden columns, the ranges are wrongly calculated (I proposed a fix). (selection mode ExtendedSelection)

  • When clicking down on the blank viewport and dragging for selecting several items you expect the rubberband to be drawn. It isn’t. (selection mode ExtendedSelection)

  • When you click on the blank viewport you expect the current selection to be cleared. It isn’t. (selection mode ExtendedSelection).

The cool thing is that for those three issues I a Qt example and adapted it a bit. So, those three issues can be experimented with the same test case.

Note: tomorrow I will move the proposed fix to qt-copy patches… now I have to leave =)

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