KDE Spain (KDE España) is now legal

25 Sep 2009

I am very pleased to announce that I managed to get all KDE Spain (KDE España) association papers in shape. We are now officially registered in the association list at national level in Spain.

Now it’s time to get a CIF (a number that will allow us to have a bank account) and keep working as we always have done, focusing on spreading the word about free software in general and KDE in particular, going to parties where we have something to tell, and something to show.

I feel lots of people will join and this will be a very productive relationship between the association and the associates.

Note that we believe KDE Spain is some kind of “sister association” related to KDE e.V, and some kind of work is going to go in that direction. Nothing much I can say.

So I really hope this will be the start of a very productive association, that will always look for the best of KDE project, and provide really positive commitment to the community.

If you are curious and feel like reading the website in spanish, give it a try: http://www.kde-espana.es.

PS: you can usually find us on #kde-devel-es channel at irc.freenode.org. So if you want to chat with us, and give feedback, as well as other matters, please join, or check the mailing lists listed on the website.

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