Dreaming on bugtracking

30 Dec 2009

It has been a while since my last post. I have been working mostly for University, and now I got a job offer to work for very little time (even from home) on a new business that is emerging here in Madrid, Spain. I think is a good chance to get things done (R), and finish my studies at the same time that I am working. Hopefully we will be doing some Qt stuff, so I am glad after all. However dreams are still there.

In case you don’t know, I have been working in a library, called the ‘Ideal Library‘. The idea was to create something similar to Qt (obviously million years behind in size and features), but with the advantages of the nowadays compilers improvements (c++0x in particular).

While I was setting up the Mantis bugtracker I thought that git, mercurial, bazaar are great tools. They allow you to work even offline among other really great features. However, there is a small problem here: what matters if you can work offline, having access to the full history of a project if you can’t access the bug tracking system because you need connection.

Here is when the idea came up. Why not having a bugtracking system that is also distributed. Why not even hook it up with git, being it a really great “one thing”. You can close bugs from your commit message, everything locally, and then, push those changes on bug reports state when you get connection.

And yes, bugs.kde.org database is actually huge. It would be a matter of just keeping the last 6 months attachments (or even older if you explicitly ask the system to do it for a certain bug report, because you are very interested in that one).

So to finish this blog entry, I’d like to wish you all a really great 2010 year, and I am looking forward to finish my studies and work hard on KDE. Really. There’s nothing I expect more than that, being back with this great community that I love so much.

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