Spokify: in its way to a release candidate

04 Apr 2010

Spokify has suffered lots of improvements in a very short period of time, and it is getting in shape to a release candidate version. However I don’t want to rush, since I want the 1.0 version of Spokify to be completely stable and functional.

I have recorded a video in order to show how things are progressing. This video focuses on the main features of Spokify and on the significant changes that it has suffered in the last days, but it is impossible to show up all the details in a “wrap up” video.

You can watch the video through YouTube too:

PS: the application I used to record the video (xvidcap) for some reason is not recording linearly. At some points in the video, it plays really fast, and others, it plays normal. However, if you see this kind of strange things, is because of the recording, Spokify is working normally.

Hope you like it !

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