I’m back !!

15 Jun 2010

This year has been amazingly busy. I had some subjects (9, to say) that required lots, and I mean lots of laboratory time to get done, and finally I got over them pretty successfully. The good thing: they didn’t had exam. The bad thing: until the end they take your time out to study subjects that have final exams.

So after last exams this week (still one to go, next week), I’m really glad to be back with this maravelous community. I am strength-full to work like never before.

I am now working on Artesanos del Software, and I am really glad I have been given green-light to work on Qt/KDE SC. This is also great since I’ll be working as a scholar for almost three months in order to get lots of hours done and get them recognized by the University as working hours.

So my really full-hearted wish is to work hard in KDE SC and do everything that is possible from my side.

PS: I am really sad I won’t be able to attend Akademy this year. I have to defend my “final project” career (which takes one year) in july, and guess what, there is no concrete date set: between 5th – 10th july, so that is a huge window time to book tickets / accommodation.

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