No limits

21 Jun 2010

KDE SC has improved a lot. It was already a really good piece of software, but it is getting a real boost lately and things are progressing exponentially. Good times.

As a wise teacher once told us: limits exist only in our imagination. So, now is time to break limits. All of them. To sum up my work on free software, this is what will receive lots of love from now on:

  • KDE SC: some fixes that I have to introduce. For example: support for RTL layouts in KCategorizedView that was missing because of the hard refactor done there. Also, KPluginSelector will need a review on that endless loop. Big bluetooth support, and lots, lots of things to come.
  • Qt: spare ideas on spare places. QList is on the aim. Something performance related. Can’t tell much yet though.
  • Spokify: finish what I started here. Make it feature complete (allowing drag and drop). Will need to revisit libraries to implement all kind of goodies they introduced on social networks and all that.
  • BugBuster: a distributed bug tracking system. I started this project with lots of hopes of it being really useful, and it needs to be completed to the point of being usable as a real bug tracking system. Basically my aim is to make it as feature complete as BugZilla. High goals. Possibly a script to convert BugZilla databases to BugBuster.
  • Ideal Library: in my little spare time of all the previous: the library of my dreams. Something similar to Qt, but with advantages provided by nowadays compilers. Basics are there: it now needs to grow.

Every project is in the plan with the full-hearted hope of making this world a bit better on what I really love. Sometimes I think that most people first study and later finds the reason to move their minds in a determinated direction (or not), something they really love. Probably most of us on this community found this love much before starting studying. Studies took me a bit longer for loving so much this science and the could-not-stop working on unrelated stuff (or what university understands as unrelated). However I feel confident and really happy I found something that moves my heart that fast and makes me feel that good. Good times.

Let’s forget limits. Let’s work together. Let’s make KDE SC rock, thus, helping this world to be a better place for every person living here.

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