libbluedevil 1.8 released

10 Sep 2010

Hi all,

libbluedevil v1.8 has been tagged and released. You can find a tarball here.

This version includes couple bug fixes and some tweaking. The plan for v1.9 is basically to fix all known D-Bus problems and make it rock solid. Support for this major version 1.x is planned to be continued for a long time.

However, and when nobody sees me in my dark cave I am planning some refactor on it. First, starting by the headers name. They aren’t as good as they could be. Second, I think including services to the library would be such a great thing that it’d rock. So I expect those to happen for v2.0. No dates (sorry), but I can tell you: don’t expect it for 2011. Hopefully for that time it’ll be alive and rocking !

So, if you plan to use Bluetooth services I’d suggest you to have a look at libbluedevil, since it has a really straight-forward and simple API. That way, you will also help me when reporting new issues and we can have a better library, from which we all benefit.

Sad thing… I was pretty used to post always a picture of what I was working on, but this one is pretty hard…

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