Spokify – v0.9

03 Nov 2010

After some quite time pretty busy at work I had the time to hack with some relax. Yesterday I wanted to give one of the final touches to Spokify before it gets to a v1.0 release. To sum up:

  • Now when the track ends it changes to the next track. Not before. This is a historical problem with the libspotify library which doesn’t provide the exact length of the track.
  • Some spotted bugs fixed, specially regarding clicking on the cover to highlight the current track and filtering combo.
  • Previous and Next on the system tray icon.
  • Removed slider handle.
  • Slider now can be clicked to seek on the current track.
  • Creating playlists implemented.
  • Renaming playlists implemented.
  • Deleting playlists implemented.
  • Repeat finally implemented. It was always an enabled thing, now you can choose.
  • Add songs to playlists by drag & drop.

Still to do for release v1.0:

  • Allow to star tracks and list them.
  • Show playlists owners on the playlists view (trivial one).
  • Implement shuffle. Probably trivial, but want to do it right from the start. Still to decide if previous and next should take unordered list into account.
  • Implement cool track switching. Some kind of new widget. Note we never had next and previous buttons on the GUI, this is because of this plan.
  • Allow to set playlists as collaborative (trivial one).

As usual, I have recorded a video in order to show old and new features:

So, if you are using Spokify and have feedback, please let me know. Arch Linux users have a package ready to be installed: `yaourt -S spokify-git’.

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